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My experience as a mental health social worker working with diverse populations for 10 years, has given me a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the realm of children, adolescents, teens, young adults and adults' mental health disorders, depression, and life transitions. I provide an informative, knowledgeable, motivational, and insightful presentation within all areas of mental health and on all educational levels. I use this platform to educate, empower, and motivate people to embrace life stressful moments to create a healthy lifestyle by educating them with knowledge, skills, techniques, and empowering them to 

"Carve out their happiness and create their path to success."

- DeLonna A. Brown MSW., LCSWA

 "Experience the Power of Carving Out Your Happiness"
Work With Me!
Some of My Speaking Points
Workshops/Seminars – Is great for learning about mental health and how it affects everyday life, to gain valuable knowledge, techniques, confidence, and simple skills that can be helpful every day for the remainder of one’s life. Many of my workshop/
Lunch and Learn – Is great for companies, churches, social networks, and others wanting to provide quality enriched educational informational and simple skills they can use to immediately within a short period of time one- two hours.  You can provide a topic for me, or I can create one for that corresponded with your event.  seminarsis CBT base, and Expressive therapy-based programming for a wide range of topics, that is geared towards empowerment and changing unhealthy behaviors.  They are interactive with the audience participation, energetic and motivation. 
Retreats – I will travel to your location to provide a day or weekend to facilitate your retreat, and I will bring my Sand Trays, Word Jail Cards, Puppets, Expressive Therapy games and crafts, and the traditional retreat therapy session will Transform your retreat to a Powerful and Enriching and Enjoyable retreat filled with encouragement, support, and life application to reactivate your life.  I can set atmosphere of your retreat from relaxing, emotional and transforming, to energetic, powerful, and fun-filled therapy base retreat. I have experience with working with diverse populations such as couples, churches, cooperation, LGBT, and with all age groups. moreover, all levels of intelligence  Let me host your next retreat it will be emotionally, spiritually, compelling, educational, and EXCITING.
Prior Speaking Events
Remove the Mask;Remove the Stigma
Depression Awareness Among Young Adults 
Savannah State University March 2017
"DeLonna Brown was a great speaker at our event.  We appreciate her intellect and passion behind the topic.  We would love to hear from her in the future"
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority INC.
Rho Beta Chapter
  • Parenting an Emotional Adolescent/Teen.
  • Identifying serious mental illness with Children, Teen, and Young Adult
  • How to separate your personal bias to maintain a healthy work environment. 
  • Carving out your Happiness One Scene at a Time.
  • Creating New Paths, Letting go the Stigma of Depression (or other mental illness).
  • Identifying suicidal thinking in Children, Teens, Young Adults and Adults.
  • How to get the most out of therapy in 60 minutes. 
Group Events

  Groups are fun interactive way to empower, bring awareness to, build social skills, increase self-awareness, develop strategies and learn preventive measures in an informal environment.   I offer three amazing interactive group.


 Groups are broken into teams or can be completed as individual activities that leads to empowering discussions. I can develop a fun empowering and interactive group activity to meet the need of your event.

What can You Expect!
  • Professional prompt follows up to your phone calls and email messages.

  • Personal confidential consultation via phone, meeting, and/or video prior to your event, to discuss your event, theme and what you want to achieve.

  • An announcement about your event on our website, blog and all social media page unless otherwise stated.

  • Practical professional completed handouts and/or PowerPoint presentation for your event.

  • An energetic, enthusiastic, motivational message with clear teaching points, practical application, empirical evidence, statics, real and relevant testimonies, and interact with audience etc.

  • If needed, I can provide media equipment.

  • A quality of services questionnaire after event followed by a phone communication after the event to ensure quality of services.

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