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  Groups are fun interactive way to empower, bring awareness to, build social skills, increase self-awareness, develop strategies and learn preventive measures in an informal environment.  

 I offer amazing interactive groups such as:

  •   Sand Tray group focus on learning about your inner self to develop and create a positive future using miniatures and sand to create a picture. This can be done in teams of two or individual activity, each group or person will have a sand tray and different miniatures to fit the topic of the tray to be created

  • Word Jail the fun interactive group focus on how your words can in prison your thoughts and actions to entrap you and prevent you from your happiness.

  • Inside-Outside Box this activity can be done in all setting and can be created to fit your event. This activity is fun and powerful in a way that it forces you to look over your life, a period of time, or different moments, to find the negativity, close the lid on it and create your path to your future and your success. Together we will create a visual model of each, closing the lid to your negativity and opening the doors to a happier, and healthier person.

Experience Group Therapy
                           in a
                                             DIFFERENT WAY!!!!, Therapist in Knightdale, NC

​  Groups are broken into teams or can be completed as individual activities that leads to empowering discussions. These are a few fun, empowering, and interactive group activity that I offer. Contact me to discuss other group options. 

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