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My Approach

When people experience life changes, it can impact one's daily function. This may influence their life negatively causing them physical and emotional stress.  

Many of the common symptoms of life mental stresses are

  • depression, anxiety and/or fatigue

  • headaches

  • trouble sleeping

  • Increased or decreased eating (poor eating habits)

  • inappropriate substance use (ie. abuse prescription drugs, use of illicit substances, and/or frequent/excessive alcohol consumption; 

  • express unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

In collaboration with my clients, I will assist them with taking control over their life by using a holistic systems approach to therapy. I find that most people seeking help have natural coping skills that they are unaware of or haven’t identified. I will assist them in finding and using these coping skills. By forming a therapeutic bond with my clients, I am able to walk with them through these challenging moments to a path of recovery. 

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